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Svenska Spel


Design team Sport

& Casino






Svenska Spel is a state-owned gambling company in Sweden and is the largest in Sweden. The company has a number of well known games such as Lotto, Stryktipset and Triss.


The business is divided into three different business areas, where Sport & Casino is one of those where I did my internship. When Svenska Spel was divided into three separate business areas, Sport & Casino lost its games where there was a high payout, which business area Luck can award with its games such as Lotto and Eurojackpot.






Review data from previous iterations

We started by going through all the material from the previous iterations. Which included everything from customer interviews, hypotheses, wireframes, etc. The goal here was to find insights, hypotheses and assumptions that we wanted to test.


At this stage we found areas that were interesting to take forward. We also found interesting problems the customers had admitted from before, which we tried to find solutions for.


Ideation workshop

Ideation workshop was done internally where several different expertises from different areas participated, such as market, product owners and business management.

The purpose of the workshop was that all different expertise could be involved and together we could find new ideas, hypotheses and new areas to investigate.

The workshop contained various exercises, one was the Strategy Canvas. The purpose was to map different things our product should have, such as exciting game, refund percentage or play together functionality. This is then compared with other gambling games on the market in a canvas to see where the competitors are stronger, what they are stronger in, see what they have and we don't and also try to find something we could stand out with that they don't have. Below you can see the canvas, where HVS is our product.


Define hypotheses and goals

With the help of our research and ideation workshop, we were now able to set more concrete goals to pursue.



The goal was to make a game with high payouts that would be based on sports betting instead of number games.

Limitations due to internship

I started in the third iteration of the project and my internship ended before the iteration ended. So below I only present the part I participated in, which is not the final product. The final product is called Fullträff and is live today on Svenska Spel.


The prototype was created in Figma where we in the design team worked together in much of the creation. Because we had found new focus areas such as onboarding and correction experience, the structure of the game was made according to existing products at Svenska Spel. This was to save time and so that we could focus on the new areas and hypotheses we wanted to test.


Focus areas

  • Easily accessible and relevant statistics

  • A good onboarding that makes it easy to understand from the start

  • Convey the feeling of being able to win

  • Correction experience that is unique

Important hypotheses

  • With simple, airy and clear design, more people can become interested

  • A good onboarding is important

  • A successful correction experience is important for the thrill


Correction experience



After the prototyping phase, my internship ended and I left the project just as the user tests were to begin. The project continued and was further refined and given a graphic profile.

Today we can see the live product and it is fun to see that many of the focus areas we found during this iteration are included today. Onboarding is part of the product today and the correction experience developed during the iteration is live with a so-called "Target Radar". Many of our hypotheses were answered and built on, which could move the project forward and develop.

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